27 May

     Former Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Looks said the legendary Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger Used to be so angry with him that he even phoned him After rejecting the cannon proposal in 2001.

"Arsene Wenger called me. He was very angry. He almost shouted that I was with Liverpool, not Arsenal. After playing at Feyenoord for 5 years, I am ready to face new challenges. During the summer of that year I was in London for a while. Which Wenger made me walk around Highbury With the training ground there. "

" It is a good visit. We can agree on different conditions and join hands as well. Then I went back to Rotterdam. One day, Wenger called me 'I'm sorry, Feyenoord wants to get a £ 10 million fee, but we don't have a payment policy at that level. Even with the players in the forward position 'about this "

"In the end, that deal collapsed. And I was very angry But after playing 3 new seasons, Liverpool came in And I have moved to Anfield for a fee of 5.75 million pounds. "

"At that time, Wenger called me in anger," 'What is this crazy thing? I submitted 7.5 million pounds. Feyenoord still rejected the offer! 'I could only respond,' Sorry, I really don't have any knowledge of this. ' Come to be with Liverpool. "The 47-year-old former stealer had long cast

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